Simply Seared Tuna Steak

This simple yet delicious dinner, is super healthy packed with goodness, and so easy to make. 
I personally prefer my tuna steak cooked through, however my husband prefers it seared & rare in the middle. 
So here I'll give directions of how I made 1 well done & 1 rare steak in the same pan. 


*Fresh portioned tuna steak (1 per person)
*Salt & Pepper
*1 tbl sp olive oil
*1 tbl sp butter
*1 tbl sp lemon juice (fresh or bottled)
*Salad items of your choice (I used lambs lettuce/Mâche, tomatoes, feta & avocado) 

Method: (this is for steaks approx 3cm thick)

*Rub steaks (both sides) with salt, pepper & lemon juice. 
*Heat the olive oil & butter on a medium-high heat
*Start with the steak you want cooked through (total 4 min = 2 min each side)
*Turn after approx 2 min, for 2 min on the other side
*As you've turned the first steak, add the second in the pan (total 2 min = 1 min on each side) **this will total the 2 min the well done steak needs on its second side
*Serve hot over a salad or steamed vegetables