Oh boy, this picture brings back some serious memories - that moment my youngest son stared at the plane we were about to board...for a 16 hour flight from New York - South Africa.

Yip, I did it alone - 2 kids under 2 - crazy??

The life of an expat involves traveling a lot, and if you want to get the kids back to family in your home country, its involves traveling alone with the kids. I will honestly say iv gotten used to it, and would love to share my tips on long haul flights with kids

Keep Calm. Im kidding. Its not really a keep calm kind of situation, more a 'don't lose your sh*t & just make sure you're prepared" *Insert laughing emoji*


  • We all know that plane food is pretty dam awful, so here are my staples to take onboard (for that moment when your toddler spits the food back into the lovely foil carton)
    • Rice cakes or corn thins. Easily eaten with no toppings necessary & quite filling as an in-between snack. You can easily pre pack them into small ziplock bags when packing
    • Simple cheese crackers. Great for nausea & snacking (the whole family)
    • Fruit pouches are a must. My boys are crazy about these & they're easy to serve from 6 months old


  • Honestly, this is where I would keep it small & simple. Don't overpack, you'll regret it
    •  Ipad. Yes. This is ALWAYS first to be charged & packed! If your child is under 2 years old, its difficult for them to be able to see the small screen for inflight entertainement - so this is where I would pull out the ipad / kindle / whatever you have as your tablet.
    • Netflix now allows you to download alot of their content, search for 'Available for downloads' under the kids section & download them onto the device before you travel.
    • Kids headphones are fab, they will not damage your kids ears and they fit their small heads well.
    • A little wipe-clean white board with marker pen is fab. Easy to clean - draw - clean - draw