Amy's Pregnancy Journey Week 20

20 Week Update

I'm so excited to share that I have made it to the half way mark in my pregnancy. The first half has been such a scary rollercoaster of emotions that it can only get better from here. RIGHT???????

Lets jump into the highs and lows of the last 4 weeks! The biggest high has been being able to feel the baby move for the first time. Even though I have been pregnant before and have felt a baby move inside me, it's still such a beautiful surreal moment. The baby started moving right around the 17 week mark. The craziest moment was when I was laying down in bed and all of a sudden this little alien was poking out of the lower right part of my stomach. He or she is settling in and making itself comfy in there. The first movements were more for when I was laying down but now they have turned into little kicks and flutters. So far..... I enjoy the movements because it lets me know that all is going well for little baby bear (my mom likes to call it her little rose bud because she is sure I'm having a girl).  

The low so far has been continuous sickness even though I have been taking medication. At my 16 week update, I talked about finally receiving meds but they only helped a little. I wasn't vomiting as much as before but I still had intense nausea, which prevented me from getting enough nutrition. We were on vacation in the south of France and each meal was very hit or miss. I was really sad because my mother in law is the best cook and I had to miss out on some pretty amazing meals. After returning from our vacation, I had my monthly doctors visit and was able to switch nausea medication and get a prescription for some new meds like magnesium, new prenatal vitamins, and something for constipation. Can I just say that I feel a thousand times better!!! I have started to regain some strength and I have a glimpse of what normal feels like again. 

The other low has been receiving news that I have gestational diabetes. I have to attend a class soon to receive information on how to control my blood sugar numbers through diet. I know they will monitor me and let me know if I ever have to switch to insulin or medication. I'm just absolutely gutted because all the food that I have been surviving on will soon be off limits. WHAT WILL I EAT???????? I guess we shall see in my next update! 

See ya in 4 weeks!!! 

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