💡💡💡💡 Baby Hacks 💡💡💡💡

Easy baby hacks I actually use with baby Ashton😀. 

•Small apartment means no room for diaper pail. I turned an old wipe box into a bag dispenser for dirty diapers. You can also cut a plastic bottle to hold the plastic bags. 

•Wiggly baby??? Stuff a pillow case with a pool noodle to create a simple baby barrier. 

•Baby needs to pass gas?? Help them by pressing their knees up and in clockwise motion. Finish with some bicycling motions. 

•Baby has a poopsplosion?? Onesies with split shoulders were made to be pulled off downwards for this reason. Protect them from the mess. 

•Teething baby?? Make a diy popsicle with breast milk or formula and a pacifier in an inexpensive Ikea mold. 
**** use under close supervision!

How to fold a fitted sheet

nobody loves doing laundry! I personally hate folding...so this hack helps when it comes to folding huge fitted sheets. fold it STRAIGHT out the drier so its nice & warm, to press out those CREASES

✨✨✨Nursing Bra Hack✨✨✨

Do you find it difficult to find nursing bras in your size or your style? 🤔
Try using an everyday multiway bra!!! 💡💡

Nursing bra’s can be super expensive, and rarely can you find them in larger sizes. A multiway bra can offer more support and a variety of ways to wear your bra like that Razorback tank top you thought was off limits this summer. I go for the softer nursing tank tops at night but during the day, I need something more heavy duty. I found this bra for 15€ at Primark and has made breastfeeding super easy to do while out of the house. I usually pair a tank top with a shirt and just pull down my tank top while pulling up my shirt. 

Happy feeding ladies!! 

** It is advised not to wear underwire bras while breastfeeding as it can lead to clogged ducts.


a super quick, no fuss way to make an egg for one! all you need is a microwavable mug, an egg (or 2), salt pepper & a fork!

📣‼️ Parenting Hack ‼️📣

Ok moms... ever turn your back for 5 seconds, only to realize your child has used your sofa for art time?? 😱😱

Have no fear! 💪🏻
Just use aerosol hairspray to remove pen marks on a fabric sofa. Always do a small patch test before proceeding to the larger portion! Spray the pen mark with a generous amount of hairspray and let sit for 30 seconds. Take a damp cloth and dab the area to soak up the ink before wiping clean. Repeat if you have an extra stubborn stain. Once finished, I took a small bowl of soapy water and cleaned the entire area.


Rewards Chart

Mine absolutely love theirs, and I feel it really incentivizes my boys & teaches them that they need to earn their rewards, big or small

Here is our basic chart, you do days of week along the top & the categories of your choice down the side. They get a star ⭐️ when they fulfill each category for that day. At the end of the week they need to have stars in each block to earn a big chocolate/small toy/outing (whatever you choose as your reward) 

Chores• involves cleaning up after meals, making their beds in morning, clearing toys before bed
Eating• involves finishing their vegetables or atleast trying 1 piece of each new kind
Behavior• Not fighting or teasing
Sleep• If Bedtime routine goes well, they get a star the following morning for the previous nights good sleep. This is a good one for my younger son who likes to often wake for no apparent reason
Manners• Greeting people, General Please Thank You etc. 

4 Simple Kitchen Hacks

1) Use bottom of a mug (rough edges) to sharpen blunt knives
2) Wet kitchen paper towel to put under chopping board / stop it sliding
3) Poke a tomato with a fork to cut perfect slices without it slipping
4) Peel ginger with a teaspoon, works way better than a peeler

Simple Kids Coat Hack

How cool is this hack??

Our children are taught this at schools in France. the first time I saw my boys doing this, I was shocked!! It's too brilliant not to share with you all - spread the word by clicking the arrow at the top right of the video to share with your friends

Check out a few of my favorite storage hacks for all things holiday. 

1. Reuse a paper towel roll to keep your wrapping paper from unraveling everywhere. 

2. Use a garment bag to store your wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon, and bows. Use a plastic (waterproof) garment bag for easy outdoor or garage storing. 

3. Store and organize your breakable ornaments in plastic cups, which is then placed in a plastic bin. If using larger bin, place cardboard on top of cups to provide another layer. 

4. Use a discarded piece of cardboard to organize your string lights. Simply cut slits along the side and wrap your lights in the slits. (This is my favorite because every year I get so frustrated untangling the lights.)



Weekends are great for making some fun pancake shapes or maybe some yummy crepes. 🍽

What’s not fun is how messy the prep can be or how hard it is to get the fun shapes. 🤔

Try pouring your mix into a kids disposable water bottle. The spout is great for making a precise shape and BONUS...you are reimagining your water bottle. A larger water bottle is great for storing your mix in the refrigerator for easy/quick morning access. 

Check out my attempt at making Mickey Mouse pancakes. 🥞😋

Happy Pancaking!!

4 Fun bath-time ideas | easy & inexpensive:

1) Frozen Animals (Melt for surprise discovery in the bath) You’ll need •Small toys that can fit in an •ice tray or silicone muffin tray

2) Shaving Cream Painting. You’ll need •Inexpensive shaving cream (or steal from dad!) •Paint brushes any size •Old bowls

3) Plastic cup fun. You’ll need some •Plastic disposable cups •A needle •Some sharp scissors

4) Make it rain! You’ll need •Colanders from your kitchen •Imaginative minds


Do you have any little book lovers in your house? 📕📗📘
And maybe you are like me and live in a tiny space? 🏢

Check out the IKEA photo ledges for a space saving book hack.

I found that these ledges come in two sizes, and we went with the shorter length (5.99€). Story time is a big hit in our house and I noticed a need for a new storage plan. I would love to buy a large bookcase but sadly we just don’t have the space. The picture ledges are a great budget-friendly alternative to a free standing bookcase. Easy to install and holds a good amount of children’s books.


4 easy hacks around the house

1.Sharpening blunt scissors Use household tinfoil to sharpen your scissors

2.Lemons in dishwasher will remove all food smells & oily residue after washes

3.Sticky scissors when cutting tape wipe the scissors with baby wipe then cut tape easily

4.soap dispenser tie an elastic band around the neck of the bottle below the nozzle, to restrict the pump - kids will then dispense less soap!

4 Plastic Bottle Hacks

1.Umbrella Holder for your house or car- Cut off top of tall plastic bottle, then cut two holes, and attach a string or twine. 

2.Fun green lantern nightlight- Attach a head lamp or any LED light to bottom of large colored bottle. Add glitter for extra fun. 

3. Colored pencil holder- Cut small, outer top section. Add colored pencils or any craft supplies. Great for hanging multiple on a pole to create a craft station. 

4.Bag sealer- Cut top of any plastic bottle and then feed bag through the top. Seal the top with the cap of the bottle. Works best on plastic bags. 



Do you have any spare travel toothbrush holders laying around?

Good, you're in luck!! 
POp your kids fork and/or spoon inside, throw in your bag & enjoy your day without getting your things dirty!






Use an extra dish rack to organize your child's coloring books and crayons.

The plastic is easy to clean and simple to tote around the home. 


I get tired of staining my hands de-pitting fresh cherries... 🍒 

Use a thick strong straw to push them out through the middle of the Cherry! Easy & clean, kids can then enjoy them without worrying about chocking on the pit (and you spending 20 min cutting around it) 

keep coconut oil for a variety of uses. 

*remove any left over stickiness from stickers
*apply to diaper rash or itchy skin
*apply to chapped nipples while nursing
*rub a little inside nose to reduce allergy symptoms
*combine with apple cider vinegar for natural lice treatment
*helps with your pets skin issues
*use as a quick eye makeup remover
*multiple uses for healthier cooking or baking, especially kids snacks. 
*mix with baking soda for a natural stain remover on upholstery and carpet.
*use as a general hand/foot moisturizer, especially cracked heels. 
*helps remove chewing gum from hair

***Always do a small patch test on skin or material before applying to larger areas.

***Always do a small patch test on skin or material before applying to larger areas.

Do you have a child that likes to open the refrigerator door????

I do!!! 

I use the door blocker, Patrull from IKEA. The package contains 2 door blockers for 7€. We used our other one for the front door. My son seems to be MacGyver when it comes to locks. I now have peace of mind while taking a shower. 

The two small pieces attach to the door by a large foam sticker. Easily removable and if you have any left over residue, just use coconut oil.


Does your child need new shoes but you hate taking your child into a store? Or maybe you are frustrated by the inconsistency of shoe sizes between brands?

Try using a string or shoelace as a length guide for your child's next shoes. Tie a knot at the top of a current fitting shoe and the other at the bottom. Toss the string in your bag for your next shopping trip. 
Happy shopping!

shoe hack.jpg


Good weather has arrived and it means more iced treats and outside play. ☀️

Keep some muffin papers handy to protect your little one's hands and drinks. 

I also love to bring them to picnics in the park or pool play dates. I hate when bugs try to get into my can drink. 🐝🐜🐞🚫

As the temperature climes here in Paris, that means finding more ways to cool off! 

Try freezing one of your child's favorite juice pouches for a cool afternoon treat. I froze a Capri Sun, used a rolling pin to mash it up, then cut off the top. Serve with spoon or large straw. These also work great to pop in the cooler for a beach day. ☀️🌊