Myroo: A more Natural

Approach to skincare 

Check out all the Myroo products on their website  Or keep up to date with their Facebook page  Myrooskincare

Check out all the Myroo products on their website Or keep up to date with their Facebook page Myrooskincare

This product was sent to me for review purposes but all thoughts are my own. 

Are you looking for a facial serum/oil that actually quenches your thirsty dry skin? Look no further!!! Check out the Skin Boost Facial Serum from Myroo skincare.

Myroo is dedicated to providing skincare products that are natural, organic, and specifically formulated for sensitive and allergy prone skin. So what does that exactly mean??? They are 100% plant based, vegan, and free from gluten, nut and dairy. The serum and other Myroo products come in fragrance and fragrance free versions. 

Many of you know that I have been trying to weed out all the nasty ingredients in my skincare products and move to a more natural approach to skincare. Myroo has been there to help me see that plant based products can serve my needs, like maintaining my natural moisture levels and creating healthy smooth skin, all while not clogging my pores. 

I have not had the best of luck when applying oil to my face. Usually, my skin freaks out and breaks out within hours of application. This was not the case with Myroo’s facial serum. This packed with omega oils, antioxidants and minerals formula has been amazing from the beginning! I started applying the serum at night and then after a week, I switched to morning and night. I have extremely dehydrated skin and have noticed a distinct difference in how moisturized my skin looks. Some of my friends have even said how good my skin has looked. Another bonus is my makeup applies beautifully now. I absolutely recommend this product (it's my new holy grail serum), especially for people who struggle with allergies or have sensitive skin like me.