Lambs Lettuce Salad



Mâche / lambs lettuce
2 boiled eggs
Balsamic vinegar
Salt / pepper
Avocado (optional) 


*Boil the eggs and mash them up into the salad. 
*I like to serve it while the eggs are still warm. 
*chop in 1/3 avocado
*Pour over desires amount of balsamic

Open Sandwich


I love an open sandwich. It's an easy way to eat less bread & just find whatever you have in your fridge to top it!
Here Iv used a lovely Rye bread - 1 large slice cut into 3 pieces. 
In my fridge at the time I had avocado, ham & mâche (lambs lettuce) I also added a sprinkle of cheese. 
You can easily mix it up, use whatever you have. 

My Tips:
*Always keep the toppings balanced with having a protein - cold meat, or low fat chunky cottage cheese for vegetarians. 
*I add home made chilis to give it a bite. 
*I avoid mayo / sauces. The avocado & cheese add enough moisture so the sandwich isn't dry
*Want a sweet sandwich rather? Use organic raw peanut butter topped with sliced banana!