Pull Apart Christmas Tree


Holiday Appetizer: Pull Apart Christmas Tree 🎄

In our festive holiday series🎊🎅🏼🎄, I present you with an easy and simple chorizo puff pastry. 

The shape of the tree makes it easy for your guests to simply pull off a branch and eat. My family really likes chorizo, so I like to make a pizza tree version. The options for fillings are endless, like home made pesto or even switching out for a dessert option like Nutella. You can also go the extra mile and use the excess pastry to form little tree decorations. 

Chorizo Pizza Tree:
2 puff pastries
Shredded chorizo
Tomato sauce
1 Egg
*Optional: shredded cheese

•Cut 2 matching Christmas tree shapes. Keep separate.
•Spread sauce all the way to the edges of 1 pastry. Be sure your sauce is not too lumpy. 
•Add shredded chorizo and cheese.
•Place the 2nd pastry on top and seal the edges with your fingers. 
•Create the branches by slicing and stopping in the middle. Leave about a 1 inch space then continue slicing. 
•After slicing, twist each branch. 
•Cover the entire top of pastry with a light egg wash for that perfect golden finish. 
•Bake for 20 minutes at 350 F


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