welcome to at-home exercise videos:

A little fun before we begin the serious exercising...

Every mom needs a break right?! Here's my parody on 'How to exercise on holiday'

Now lets get exercising:

core work / Easy Home exercise videos (with kids):

Simple Warm Up for all Videos:

-3 minutes of jump rope (it doesn't matter if u mess up, just keep going for 3 min)
-50 jumping jacks
-5 lunges on each leg
-20 squats

Follow video then repeat warmup & video again

*All videos & exercise tips I (Claire Brocklehurst) share on Our Mummy Life blog, are to be done at your own risk. I am not a qualified medical or fitness expert, I am a mom of two with a lot of exercise experience and want to share my journey to help other moms. 
If you have any medical issues or post birth abdominal concerns, please consult a doctor before attempting this video*

Fun & challenging core exercises to do with a partner

Do you suffer from Period Pain? Try these 4 simple yoga poses - they changed my life!

Playing with your kids can involve exercises too!

A fun easy way to keep fit on holiday while involving the whole family! 

Easy exercises to do while your kids play in the park. All you need is a bench!
Enjoy exercising from the comfort of your home, with your children joining in! Warm Up: 3 min skipping OR run in the spot with knees high. 2 sets of 20 deep squats. 2 sets of 20 lunges (10 each leg). 2 sets of 20 jumping jacks.

These are easy to do with your kids in tow, all you need is a pillow !! 

Why not enjoy time with your baby, while exercising! Here are some simple exercises you can do while holding your baby, and getting a workout at the same time
These are great easy exercises for your bum, all you need is a sturdy railing or back of a heavy couch
Fantastic, easy to use & great for the core! The whole family can enjoy it
Warm up: 3 minutes skipping 15 burpees 20 deep squats Repeat

Abs workout using a broomstick!

Easy exercises to do at home with your child, toddler or baby

Warm up: 3 minutes skipping 50 jumping jacks 5 lunges on each leg 20 squats
Easy Butt Burning exercises to do at home, kids in tow
Easy & quick bum exercises to do on indoor or outdoor stairs