Goats cheese & Beetroot Tart:



*Cooked beetroot (thinly sliced)
*Goats cheese (any type works)
*Asparagus (Optional)

Method: (oven 180c)

*Slice cooked beetroot into baking tray, place in a portion size & create 2 layers
*Top with goats cheese (crumble with hands)
*Thinly slice the asparagus length ways, and place over the goats cheese
*Season with salt & pepper
*Bake for 20-25 minutes until cheese is melted slightly & beetroot is heated through
*Serve warm (room temp is tasty too)



Vegetarian Risotto:



*Olive Oil
*1 sweet red pepper, cut into strips
*1 onion finely chopped
*1 tsp garlic
*2 tomatoes, peeled & chopped
*1.5 cups Arborio rice (risotto rice. 375ml)
*3 cups vegetable stock (750ml)
*Salt & pepper
*500g Asparagus spears (sliced crosswise into thirds) 
*1/2 cup raw almonds (sliced)


*In large deep saucepan heat olive oil & fry Onions, Garlic & Peppers for 5 min
*Add tomatoes & stir constantly for about 3 min till thick & liquid evaporated. 
*Remove from heat. 
*Stir in rice to coat. 
*Stir in stock & salt, return to heat. 
*Bring to boil then, Cover & simmer on low for 15 min or until rice almost tender. 
*Quickly place sliced Asparagus over top of rice (do not stir). 
*Return lid & cook for further 5-8 minutes until asparagus & rice is tender & all liquid is absorbed. 
*Using a fork, stir in the sliced almonds
*Dish & sprinkle with pepper to taste (and shaved parmesan cheese if you wish)