Bacon Pesto: 

(Over Veg Rice or Pasta)


Ingredients: (This serves 2)

*200g bacon diced (lean if possible) 
*130g tub of pesto
*Mushrooms (optional) 
*Olive oil (or I used unflavored coconut oil)
*Pasta OR steamed veg. I served mine on kale


-Get your pasta boiling or veg steaming (I did both as hubby has pasta I have veg)

-Fry the mushrooms in 1tbl sp oil till brown. 
-Add bacon & fry till brown. 
-Dab a piece of kitchen towel over the dish to absorb excess oil; turn down heat to medium. 
-Add fresh pesto & stir on medium heat till pesto is heated through. 
-Serve warm over bed of kale or pasta

5 ingredient fish curry



*2-4 pieces of white fish fillets, I used cod. (double rest of ingredients if more than 4 fish fillets)
*1 tin chopped tomatoes (low salt)
*1/2 cup cup white wine (more if you wish)
*1-1.5 tsp chili flakes
*1 small onion
*Garlic (I used Garlic infused olive oil instead)
-Fry onions, garlic & chili flakes in olive oil
-Reduce heat to medium/high & add tin tomatoes & wine. 
-Once bubbling slightly, add fish
-Season with salt to taste (add pepper after cooking as it may be very spicy already)
-Reduce heat to medium & cook fish for 10-15 min, covered, till fish flakes