Livia - The new 'off switch' for menstrual pain!

A device that will change the life of a period pain sufferer


Oh boy, I couldn't wait to write about this device after trying it during my last period. I have horribly painful, heavy & long periods, where I am usually taking many pills, using heat packs & shedding many tears the first 2 days. Whats worse is that your periods don't work around you or your travel / work / beach schedule! They arrive when they do, and for some they can be crippling. I recently did some local research in a moms Facebook group & i was shocked at how many fellow sufferers there were, some averaging around 3 days of severe pain!!! (Im in that boat too) We shouldn’t have to suffer... 

Taking strong medication can be unpleasant & come with many side effects, so why wouldn't we try another solution right? At first I thought 'how can this device the size of an iPod (or small toy car...) take away my period pain? Can it really work?' Well...this device has changed my life! And oh boy did I wish I had it in high school...or my last 20 years of suffering! 

Let me introduce you to Livia.


What is Livia?

Livia is a wearable device that is designed to provide instant & significant relief for menstrual pain sufferers. It is safe & clinically proven. It is attached to your lower abdomen & releases electric pulses that trick your body into feeling no pain, by stimulating the nerves. 

What is included?

Each package contains 2 electrodes (in the shape of a flower), 1 Livia device, 1 connecting cable, 1 USB charging cable & 4 gel sticky pads - all of this can easily fit into the small travel size box, which I happily took with me to Dubai (yes unfortunately I got my period 2 days into my child free holiday with hubby!)


How does it work?

All you do is stick the electrodes on your lower abdomen (they must be placed where you feel the most pain, 1 on each side) connect the cable to the Livia device (which should be fully charged, and lasts up to 12-15 hours) - then it's time to zap away! You turn it on & push the plus button until you feel a clear / strong tingling sensation - this is the device beginning to work. The higher your pain, the higher you'll need to set the device. Within seconds your pain will become dull & disappear. I couldn't believe it! A drug free solution to my horrible menstrual pain...

Comfortable enough to wear all day, underneath any clothing

Comfortable enough to wear all day, underneath any clothing

Why I recommend Livia

Livia is super comfortable, discreet & easy to use under all clothing - simply stick it onto your skin, clip the device onto your underwear or pants, and voilà - zap away that pain! I even used it at the pool when I was in a lot of pain! (This device is not waterproof so please remove before swimming)

Now let's talk price - sure it's not cheap at 160euros for the starter kit, but I can promise you that if you are a serious period pain sufferer, this device will be worth it as a long term investment.

Purchase your Livia start kit before June 15th 2018, and receive a fabulous 10% off using the code ourmummy10

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely - without hesitation - for anyone who suffers as much as I do, this will be a game changer for has certainly changed my life & I for once don't fear my next period, as this time I won't be crying in pain or popping pain pills! 

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-Claire x